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    ProjectSchool.com announces programming learning software for Raspberry Pi, the $35 Linux PC
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    As world’s most popular and economical Linux based USD $35 PC, Raspberry Pi has taken the world by storm and sold out within few hours of its launch today, India’s leading project -based software and firmware programming learning school , PROJECTSCHOOL™ ( http://www.projectschool.com ) has announced a subscription based affordable and economical “programming learning application softwareSTEMTutorV8 through STEMTutorV12 for students of Grade 8 through 12 respectively.

    Since Linux OS would be new to most of the parents, anticipating a huge demand for localized programming training, PROJECTSCHOOL™ also announced Global Franchising Opportunities for interested STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Graduates, who could provide customized localized training based on proven PROJECTSCHOOL™ project based model, to interested students by charging a reasonable service fee per month, which would be inclusive of a free crash course to interested parents on on Basic Linux Administration.

    The customized application software STEMTutorV8 through STEMTutorV12 for Raspberry Pi based hardware platform, are  “choice” driven self-learning tools capable of generating programming codes , which are compatible with Raspberry Pi’s GNU  C/C++ compilers and widely popular Net Beans IDE. It supports all popular programming languages such as C, C++, Java, PHP, PERL and Shell scripting.

    The annual learning subscription fee is currently US $ 30 per student , which comes with e-mail and/or Forum based support at the website. A Student Networking-cum-Skill-Showcasing-Mentoring  website for global PROJECTSCHOOL™ students http://www.alumnitimes.com would be ready in couple of months. This would be open to qualified PROJECTSCHOOL™ mentors. Mentoring has been a key to the success of the PROJECTSCHOOL™ based learning  model.

     As and when a Franchise based PROJECTSCHOOL™ opens in a region, the same would be announced at the website. More details about the PROJECTSCHOOL™ STEMTutorVx can be requested at raspberrypi@projectschool.com.

    Qualified Franchise seekers may seek more details at globalfranchise@projectschool.com .


    PROJECTSCHOOL™ is a registered trademark of PROJECTSCHOOL TECHNOLOGIS PRIVATE LIMITED, which has been duly registered with REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES, INDIA since the year 2005.

    The innovative Project based School (learning system) under supervision of qualified mentors, not only creates immense interest in self paced learning, but prepares students to work on Industry projects from Day-1.

    PROJECTSCHOOL™ STEMTutorVx Application Platform is specifically developed for K8 through K-12 students.

    PROJECTSCHOOL™ has got necessary NCAGE and DUNS codes to carry out international businesses.


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    What is STEM ?

    It is a short name for Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

    What would be the role of Franchisees ?

    • Provide local training infrastructure to guide the walk-in students and parents
    • Training to teachers of
    • Contact the school and city managers and demonstrate the advantages of STEMtutor platform.
    • Collect feedback from students and teachers and pass them to Core Development Team.
    • Evaluate skill and 'STEM interest'  among students.
    • Schedule training on Microprocessor based Kits and Robotics ; kits will be shipped ASAP.

    What would be Franchisee Amount ?

    Please mail us with your qualification and infrastructure. A team will evaluate this on case to case basis based on the franchisee's marketing capabilities and  efforts in one month period. Typically, it could vary from $100 to $1000.

    What would be my investment in PCs and Infrastructures ?

    •  20 Raspberry Pis - 20 x $35
    •  20 color monitors - 20 x  $80
    • A reasonable furnished infrastructure for 25 to 30 people
    • A safe facility close to High Schools and Colleges
    • A UPS or Inverter of suitable capacity.
    • Background checked employees. - must
    • Broadband internet

    I  am owner of an internet cafe ? Am I eligible for a Franchise ?

    YES - if you are Science/Engineering graduate or capable of hiring quality Science and Engineering graduates.

    Do I have to learn programming language ?

    Don't worry about that. The STEMTutor platform would do that for you; it is as easy as driving a car. A logical thinking mind would be awesome though.

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    Contact Details:globalfranchise@projectschool.com

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