• Attn. News Website Owners of India - India's National News Carrier HindTimes.com is coming soon. Please express interest ASAP.
    िहन्द टाइम्स 
    India's National News Carrier


    Dear News Web Site Owners:

    HINDTIMES.COM is being developed as a News Carrier, which will collect the news from all news website owners and send it  to its subscribers.

     Not only this, it will dynamically display relevant news to website visitors of www.hindtoday.com. If you are a news website owner, please express your interest to be part of this initiative. Here after, you don't have to look for  Google/Yahoo/MSN adwords to increase your viewership. A new era of co-operation just began, where with a little bit of co-operation, you can save your bucks & still get regular web visitors .

    Dear Readers:
    Isn't it interesting ?

    Just 1 source of all National, International, Local and community News, updated by hundreds of website owners and  here after no more annoying pop ups and advertisements.

    It must have been really dishearteing for you that even though India is an IT super power, still Indian websites have to depend on Yahoo & Google for their marketing.

    Now, Our Context Classifieds is almost ready and as far as India is concerned it will be more effective than Google Adwords.

    We take this opportunitiy to announce our forth coming Next Generation Web Portals
    • Petition2Sign.com
    • VideoMatrimony.com
    • HindTodayJobs.com
    • InstitutionBlogs.com
    We constantly endeavor to offer you  a clean reading environment- no more annoying pop up advertisements. Be assured.

    News Web Site Owners - wish to associated with HINDTimes.com may register here and send a mail.

    Readers want to receive a copy in their mail box may register at www.hindtoday.com

    E-group Owners want to subscribe a copy for their readers may add 'hindtoday at gmail.com' to their e-group with - no receiving option. i.e. hindtoday at gmail.com can send mails but won't receive any mails. Max. 2 mails / day - 1 morning News & another evening News.
    If you have any sugegstions, please feel login, type it in the text box provided and send it.


    Contact Details:hindtoday at gmail.com

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