• Online Examination System for Students and Job Seekers Using ASP.NET, C#


    In today's world  online test is the most efficient way to conduct test and this project is developed for HindToday.com clients for an easy and convenient Exam/Test system using ASP.NET, C# and XML.


    • An XML based question paper download system by the Examiner /Tester at the time of interview/test
    • Registered Students can take the on-line test remotely at any Internet cafe or at home
    • After submitted the test results,  answers of all students  will be written in a single file  with time stamp and separated by a separator bar.
    • The Examiner can take printout of the single file and can have all answers.
    • They may have some online evluaters who can evaluate the answers or send the printout version of answers to evaluators.


    Contact Details:Propus Infotech Development

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