• Patient Registration and appointment booking system


    Abstract: This is a web based application and useful for registration of patients and their appointments in large hospitals, nursing homes and  small doctor's clinic.


    • When a patient calls over the telephone to book an appointment, the receptionist  uses this GUI where the following information is collected and entered.
      • Name of the patient
      • New/Existing
      • Type of medical problem/ health issues
      • Date & Time of seeking appointment
      • Counselling doctor's name (to be selected from a list box by the receptionist)
    • All the above information to be saved to a text file and should be displayed and printout can be taken.
    • Detailed patient registration to be stored in a MySQL database
      • PatientID
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Voter ID or Social security number.
      • Address
      • Telephone
      • E-mail  ID:
      • Health Insurance company
      • Insurance card number:
      • Insurance expiry date
      • Blood group
    • All the above information should be viewable in a webpage
    • A doctors daily register to be designed which will select the patient ID , disease information and prescription. For privacy purpose , no name should be mentioned in this register and this should be stored to a flat file with proper date stamp in it. At the end of the day the doctor should be able to take a printout and keep it in his personal records. This will help him to get more details in case the patient will call him in case of emergency.

     This web based application will be hosted in the intranet of the hospital so that the receptionist, doctors and other authorised officials can access the most updated information.

    Recommended platform:Microsoft IIS, ASP.NET & MySQL

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