• College Alumini Registration and Display System


    Abstract: This is a web based application and useful for registration of  alumini in colleges, universities with complete school information as well.

    A proposed alumini form is shown below.

    • Country
      First&Middle Name
      Last Name/Surname

      Date Of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) 

      The following school or college selection are optional at this time , but if you will fill it might help you to  finding any only friends of your school or college. You can select up to 8 colleges and if your school is not present in the list , you have to add your school from

      School /College From Year (MM/DD/YYYY) To Year(MM/DD/YYYY) Update Database?


    • It should have a maximum of 8 school,college, university records per student.
    • The school, college & university records to be taken from a mysql database and displayed in the list box as shown above
    • The date(s) should be selected from a date picker GUI.
    • Only those records should be entered in to the database where the check box is selected.
    • All the records should be displayable in a grid view.
    • Provision should be there to add or delete one more fields.


    • Recommended platform:Microsoft IIS, ASP.NET & MySQL

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