• A Super Market Management System using ASP.NET , C# & XML


    This is a live / student project to be developed for www.HindToday.com to manage the supermarket  Item Display System. The User should able to place order through an E-Mail. Once the Order is ready the Supermarket Manager should able to post the Complete item and price information in the web portal. The User then sends the acceptance and Cheque ready confirmation to the Super Market Manager through E-mail. Then the supermarket Manager sends the Item to door delivery.

    • A login provider for Super Market owner.
    • A Common  Master Page  for all the users.
    • A GUI interface for data entry
    • Data to be saved in XML format and diaplayed in a formated way
    • Item and Pricelist  upload for Items
    • Design the Logo
    • Design a Flash message and integrated with the website
    • The Super Market Owner should able to download picture of Items and price list  to the portal
    • The Super Market Owner should able to update and download the packaged  items and pricelist to the website
    • The  Super Market Manager should be  capable of sending and receiving E-mails from  the  website

    Contact Details:Propus Infotech Development

    Post Date:11/19/2006 10:29:57 PM Duration:60 Days
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