• Course/Event Listing & Registration for ProjectSchool.com and Other Clients


    This is a live / student project to be developed for www.ProjectSchool.com and also for other www.HindToday.com clients to register. This should also be used for Event Registration to be used for seminars/other events etc.

    • School Students.
    • College Students 
    • Private training Institutions
    • Data to be saved in XML format or in MySQL database
    • Search the events from the titles using the following criterias
      • How to search
      • Enter keyword
      • Optionally select from date and to date from the calendar
      • Optionally select a country or a US state from the drop down list
      • Optionally type in city
      • Optionally select a category from the drop down list
      • Click on Search
      • No fields entered will bring all records

    • Design the Logo
    • Design a Flash message and integrated with the website
    • Design the Post Event User Interface after Login
    • Design View Events Interface using a searc text Box

    Contact Details:Propus Infotech Development

    Post Date:11/20/2006 8:36:58 PM Duration:60 Days
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