• Employee Payroll and Timesheet Management for Large Enterprises Using ASP.NET, C#


    The  project Employee Management System of an employee will let to efficient use of payroll and keep track of the hours worked . In a given period an employee could work on different shifts and time . In order to track costs and revenues for each employee, each employee will be able to submit a timesheet every week showing the number of hours spentworking for company .

    • Design the Time In and Time Out GUI interface 
    • Design the Employee Information Input and Search Screen 
    • Private training Institutions
    • Data to be saved in XML format or in MySQL database
    • Search the events from the titles using the following criterias
      • How to search
      • Enter Employee ID
      • Employee First Name or Last Name
      • A calendar selection object shall be used.
      • The Time-in and Time-Out shall use system time

    • Design the Logo
    • Design a Flash message and integrated with the website

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