• Complete School Management System for US Schools Using ASP.NET, C#


    The  project School Management System of US schools usually have the following Modules and develop an ASP.NET/MySQL/C#  web application for the following modules. This is a very large project and it is desirable that at least a team of 3/4 should work on this project.
    •  PSM (Propus School Manager) is used to manage all following sections

      1. Student Admission Process
      2. Auto Camera Based Photo System
      3. Student Information and Attendance
      4. Student Fees Management
      5. School’s All Type Registers
      6. School’s Time Table and Annual Planning
      7. Examination Management System
      8. Result Processing System generation
      9. Library Management System
      10. Financial Management System
      11. Employee Management System (Payroll System)
      12. Student ID Card Generation (Print On Kodak Paper)
      13. School Paper Setting System (Objective)
      14. Web Based Online Examination System
      15. Web Based Student Registration (Need School Website)
      16. Scholarship Management System
      17. School General Inventory System
      18. General Meeting Reminders
      19. Module Wise All Type Reports
      20. All Type of Maharashtra Board Reports
      21. All Type Student Progress Reports
      22. All Type of Statistical Analysis Reports

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