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You can be a Radio Talk Show Host - How ?

Talk Radio is extremely popular in United States and almost every American listen to their  favorite talk show hosts while commuting to and fro from office in Car, However, in India due to strange reasons, the Government licensed the FM Channels only for entertainment purpose. May be  our Government is not keen to see common citizen in a politically savvy mind. In Talk Radio, a host discusses various headlines from News Papers and seek opinion from listeners. That is usually a live show where they talk or discuss news with millions of listeners.

Q. How Talk Radio India would serve a talk radio,  in internet domain ?

A. 3G Cellular Services already took off in India and usuing smart phones, people can simply visit and listen to various topics. They can upload their voice responses through skype [add user -], youtube and free services. A quick comment link Agree/Disagree is provided as well.

Q. How I can be a host ? Writing was okay but I am not confident whether I have a good voice for audio and video ..

A. Let us take care of your hesitation in a live skype training session. Just write a mail to , add the skype user : . There are user friendly voice upload interfaces and we will provide you training to create audio files using your windows 'sound recorder'.  For videos also, all you need a webcam for training and create your first video for youtube channel - hindtimes. You even can record videos on your cell phone and upload it.

Q. Is this a secular channel ?

A. Please browse through the 6000+ blog postings of . This will definitely different from your mainstream secular and politically correct TV channels. Our policy is - Facts must be presented in fearless manner even though a section of the population may not like it. Limited scolding to corrupt politicians permitted. Be reasonable and articulate your views with natural expressions. So, the answer is - this is a fact based channel which is intended to defeat the propaganda and override political correctness. You can praise  or scold your favorite politicians based on their good or dismal performance. In democracy - you are the boss and yet no one pays any attention to you. Join here and expose the sleepiness of your MLA/MP or Government people with videos and photographs, which is nothing but a true service to our Nation.

Q. Will there be Editorial control ?

A. This Channel will be operated as per the existing Free Speech Laws of India ; so bigotary and extremely abusive videos and audios, which are not based on facts - may be subjected to censorship. So, while recording your audio and Video, please make sure that you articulate your view point in a passionate but polite manner. If at all you have to vent your anger and frustation to some scams, do it based on reported facts on the news papers. e.g. We won't entertain the 9/11 conspiracy theory kind of postings which are not based on facts.

Q.I live in a village where no one is paying attention to bad roads . Electricity is playing hide and seek . Hospitals are in pathatic shape. If  I make a small amateur documentary using my cell phone can you post it ?

A. YES. Based on that we will also try to seek a statement from your MLA or MP.

Q.Is there any length limitation to Videos and Audios ?

A. No. But try to keep the duration of talk shows < 15 minutes; most viewers and listeners watch videos with smaller duration. Documentaries covering pathatic Government services can be of longer duration up to 2 hours.

Q. I don't see any audio and video upload links ? How do I upload ?

A. Upload links are available to all our talk show hosts or trusted contributers only. These are not made public because of spammers may misuse them. So, if you want to be a trusted contributer or talk show host, send us a mail at You will be given access to the links at your homepage.

Q. I have a question, which is not listed here ?

A. Please send us a mail at We will respond ASAP.